Thoughts Nov.19 2010


LUKE 17:11-19
There are many reasons for giving glory and thanks to God. It should be obvious to everyone that God meets our needs. HE created us and He loves us very much.  We are His children. Therefore, we should express our thanks and praise to Him. In this chapter in Luke, we have an example of ten lepers, who came to Jesus and asked for mercy because of their terrible disease. Jesus healed all ten of them and told them to go, as an act of faith, and show themselves to the priests. As they were going all were healed. Jesus healed them all. Now think of this, only one of the ten returned. Nine of these lepers did not return to give glory to God. As Christians we must see that God the Father, through HIS Son and Holy Spirit, infinitely blesses us just as he blessed these poor lepers. So Jesus asked the question, "Where are the other nine?" Did they not see any reason for going back to Jesus to thank Him?
Jesus was not lamenting that the nine didn't return to glorify God. He was surprised that they did not see the need to thank God. God doesn't need our praise nor thanksgiving for Himself, but we desperately need to praise and thank the Lord because when we do, we ourselves have a wonderful opportunity to increase our relationship with Him. We experience His presence when we praise and thank Him. We need to be thankful! We need to give praise!

Thanksgiving is not just a holiday, but it can be a time of year when we emphasize our thankfulness to God with our families and friends. It was reported last year on internet that Thanksgiving was the least important holiday in America. It has been suggested that we should not have a special day of thanks anymore.  Why have we become less thankful?!

There is a very good lesson that we miss if we do not read and understand the whole story of the ten lepers. Jesus said to the 10th leper, go your way, your faith has made you whole. The Greek word used here for whole is 'sozo.' It literally means "Your faith has saved you." Jesus was saying, "You recognize me as Lord and you not only are healed but saved as well." All ten lepers received healing for their leprosy, but only one came back to give glory to God. Only one gave praise and thanksgiving to God. And only one received complete spiritual healing from God. God does a deep spiritual work in each of us as we give Him praise and thanks! Let's all take every opportunity to give thanks and praise and glory to God, not only at this holiday time, but every day that we live.  It is the only way to experience deep spiritual renewal in our lives.

Give thanks to the Lord for He alone is good!
Brother Jack and Glad 

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